tips to enjoying the fair safely


This annual event is a wonderful time for families to come out and enjoy events and activities. While you are there, enjoying all that the fair has to offer, the Winston-Salem Police Department has your safety in mind. Please know that each day of the fair Winston-Salem Police Offers will be on site to assist you should the need arise.


Being safe while enjoying the fair:


  • Take only items that you need
  • Stay with your group. Instruct everyone in your group that should they get lost to report to the clock tower. Instruct small children to locate a police officer for assistance.
  • Avoid carrying a pocketbook. If you must carry one carry it close to your body, tucked under your arm.
  • Carry money ATM cards, and debit cards in your front pants pocket.
  • Always carry a fully-charged mobile phone.
  • Report all suspicious activity or crimes to a police officer.
  • When describing a person remember the following: Height, weight, build, clothing description.

Vehicle Safety Tips:

  • Remember to roll up your windows and lock the doors on your vehicle.
  • Remove all items of value or that may seem of value from the vehicle before arriving at the fair. A few examples are GPS Docking Stations, gym bags and briefcases.
  • Scan the parking lot before exiting the vehicle and continue to scan while walking.
  • Upon returning, have your vehicle key out and be prepared to unlock your door before you get there. Scan the parking lot as you approach your vehicle and look at your vehicle for signs of forced entry.
  • If you discover that you have been the victim of an auto breaking, please notify the police as soon as possible. Please remember that police operations are located at the Northwest Gate. You may come by and report crimes or report them to any officer on the fairgrounds. Additionally you may contact the police through the non-emergency number, (336) 773-7700 or by calling 911. ENJOY & HAVE FUN!!!