Winston-Salem, N.C. (September 21, 2021) — Among the hundreds of activities, competitions, foods and concerts you will experience at the 2021 Carolina Classic Fair will be the usual cornucopia of rides and games on the Midway that will create new family moments and get your heart pumping with their maximum thrills from October 1 to October 10.


Top Family Friendly Highlights


After a two-year hiatus from coming to the fair, a great place to create new family memories is on the Venetian Double Carousel. This unique two-story, hand-painted carousel has become one of the “first” midway rides ever ridden by thousands of children and their families. This is the Carousel’s 35th Anniversary as Strates Shows’ signature merry-go-round. Constructed by the Bertazzon Company in Venice, Italy, for an original cost of $375,000, it took three Italian artists four months to hand-paint the horses and gondola-like seats; as well as several dozen pirate scenes depicted on the ride’s ceiling. Due to the delicate nature of the decorations, it takes 10-15 hours of labor for set-up so that 70+ riders can take a spin around the fair at a time.


The Giant Wheel is truly the “King of the Midway.” At 105 feet in height, Strates Shows majestic Giant Wheel dominates the fairgrounds and the surrounding community. A spectacular sight day or night, the Giant Wheel comes alive when the sun goes down with an all-new display of LED lighting. It is the best ride to take an awesome selfie with friends as you’ll have a one-of-a-kind view behind you!

Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome aboard The Pirate, the biggest ship on the Midway. But look out, as there are rough seas head. This is not a kiddy cruise, but a thrilling experience for mature family members. The Pirate’s up and down, swinging pendulum movement will provide plenty of zero-gravity thrills at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.


Maximum Thrills!


The Claw is back so that you can experience the ultimate sensation of speed, rotation and swing on ONE ride! As its large arm lifts into the air, those daring enough to ride from one of its suspended seats will get a 360-degree view of the surroundings…but only if they can keep their eyes open!


High-altitude fun is found at the Sky Flyer, a 98-foot-high vertical swing can be seen “dancing in the sky” above the Midway. As 24 riders slowly rise to the top, the tower begins to rotate and centrifugal force kicks in. The Sky Flyer offers adventure thrills, as well as a panoramic view of the midway. Fairgoers on the ground will be sure to have their cameras out to capture the Sky Flyers’ dazzling array of LED lighting.


Wave Swinger is an ornately decorated giant swing set takes riders flying above the carnival crowds. Riders are seated in one of the ride’s many suspended basket seats. As the Wave Swinger starts up, the whole structure rises and begins to rotate clockwise. When it reaches it maximum height, the ride tilts to provide an added thrill.


Rock Star –Shaped like a giant, LED covered guitar, riders will take to the “stage” and experience a thrilling, modern-day magic carpet ride. This performance will have you soaring up and over, around, and down, for a great free-fall experience.


Zipper is a classic attraction that still generates the ultimate in flips, spins and screams. A unique thrill ride rotating freely on an off-center axis while passenger cars move around the main boom. The boom rotates on its own axis creating chaotic ride patterns.


Advance discounted tickets and ride coupons/wristbands are now on sale through September 30 to save up to 40 percent off of day-of admission and rides at Ticketmaster, the Fair’s website, the Fair’s ticket office (414 Deacon Blvd, Winston-Salem) Monday – Saturday from 10AM to 5PM); or Winston-Salem Dash Team Store at Truist Stadium, 951 Ballpark Way, Winston-Salem.


Celebrating its 139th year in 2021, the Carolina Classic Fair is owned and operated by the City of Winston-Salem after being donated to the City by the Winston-Salem Foundation in 1969. The 10-day annual Fair features nationally renowned musical entertainment, delicious food and beverages, exhibits for livestock, poultry, fine arts and crafts, a world-class carnival with numerous rides and games, and many more activities. The Carolina Classic Fair at the time of opening day will follow all state and local health and safety protocols. For more information on the Carolina Classic Fair, please visit